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Services for Producers


How we assist our clients, the producers, the professional  photographers and the publishers

The AlohaModels & Digital Images company is one  group of young, independent professional photographes,videographers, model managers, creatives and marketing managers. We have been working together for several years in many different projects  and artworks.One of us  worked before  for advertising agencies as managing director, the other one made erotic films for an english filmmaker co., some other worked for a television as a film director, the other one is an event marketing manager, etc..., and we all have enough competence to search for and discover new talents and beauties in order to make the film and photo world  more brilliant.


We have got a few skills therfore we are able to give good quality service and support for you

1./ As a talent searching and modeling agency:

• we can provide our clients (producers, photographers, programme organizers, events, official and private  parties, adult productions etc...) with the required models, performers and new talents:

a/ especially with  beautiful, suitable models, erotic and adult models, hostesses, dancers, perfomers, extras, etc...
b/ with small dance ensembles, dance groups, showgirls, ballerinas, erotic shows, other performances, etc...


2./ As a photo and film production company:

• we make videos and photos to order in different categories as the follwing
a/ short erotic films and photosets for well known, world famous erotic websites, and publishers

b/ reference films, and commercials for different companies, TV channels and advertising agencies

c/ showreels for models and performers


• we are open for new markets  and ready to cooperate with film productions companies, photographers from all over world and we can support your works
a/ with our expertise, qualified staff
b/ locations in everywhere int he country, everytime, in every quality for every purpose
c/ equipments, etc...
Welcome to Budapest!

3./ As a special event marketing company:

• we organize and manage almost every type of events as
a/ official and private parties from the idea and the  creative works till you say good by to your guests!
b/ exhibitions  everywhere, every type  in Central –Europe

c/ every kind of conferences  in Budapest the capital city and the whole country


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