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Dear Visitor!

In our "Models" section you will find some "precious stones"  by taking a look in our models' picture book. Some of them are pretty, some of them are smart and  there are angelic and diabolic  ones too. Some of them are well educated and  speak several languages,but they all are ready to work in front of the camera (maybe your camera)

Our aim is to support our models' career with our professional expertise and well-established connections.
We are persistently looking for new and promising talents.


Dear Producer or Photographer!

Please take a look in our "Locations" section there you will find many kind of attractive locations from Hungary Budapest downtown, outskirt of the capital cityand countryside too. In the course of our work we have tried many of them making photosets and videos there. You will find here the most popular and frequented places and a few unique  locations too.
We garantee  that we will find   the right location for all kind of production work-don’t waist your  precious time for searching  for locations! Just drop an e-mail, or make a call to inform us about your expectations and we will show and deliver the right place for you.


Dear Visitor!

Browsing our site you will see that some part of the site is  for the public, some are reserved  for our clients and for the registered producers, photogra-phers. If you are a model to be, please register as a model! The application form is very short and simple just fill in t he right information and attach 3 photos of you and send us the e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible and we go ahead from hear...
If you are a producer or a professional  photographer  please register as a producer and we’ll send you a login and password by email as soon as possible. Please give us enough information in order to convince us  you are really a professional.


Dear Professional Visitor!

We  made the "Booking" menu in order to help your work and ease the communication with you: when you brows the "Models" or "Performers" database and in the meantime you think you wish to work with one of our model or performer, you just have to go to the "Booking" menu and simply give us the code of the model and fill in the  informations required (ID, time and place, etc...) make a click sending us your claiming form. We reply as soon as possible and try to fulfill all of your needs.
We hope you register and apply for today.

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